VPS (Virtual private server)

All of our VPS come with Windows server or Linux installed.
A VPS is a computer that is always running  which is perfect for applications that need to be on 24/7 .

You may also want to consider a VPS for hosting a really busy website.

"What is a VPS and why would I need one ?"

VPS gives you the freedom of running software on an computer thats on 24/7 without you having to constantly run your PC/Server. A VPS is a virtulised computer in a physical server this means you dont need to run anything for it to be running we do that bit which mean it will proberly be cheaper than the electricity to run your local computer. VPS also work well as a very versitile computer, one that you can access anywhere with a internet connection on PC, mac, Android, IPhone and more. 

There are so many uses for an VPS most companys could benifit in some way using them. For example if you have a peice of software that has to run on a stable machine that will not crash while its being used. Put it on a server for instance with windows server or Linux and run it without so many hassles. If you haven't used one before and you want to give it a try pick one of our small packages to try out and see what you can do.

Please get intouch if you would like help in choosing what you would need. 


If you need to have multiple people acessing one or more applications. It makes sense to have a VPS with windows server  or Linux installed.

The great thing is its cheaper than buying your own equpment and accessible anywhere even on your smart phone,   

24/7 running 

Sometimes every company could do with there software running 24/7. That can cost  with computer or server repairs and electricity usage.

The great thing is you always pay the same price every time with no hidden fees.

SEO optimized

Companys working on getting there website climbing the search engine rankings a bit faster. Use a multitude of programs to create the illusion of buzz around there websites.

Our servers with 1Gps lines in the USA and in NL 10Gbps lines are optimised for mass connections.  


Ideal if you need to run one application 24/7


Intel Xeon E3-1240v5

3.5Ghz 1 - core


50GB  SATA HDD Raid10 Protected

1Gbps Port

Unmetered Bandwidth


Price recurring per month.

On offer normally £30 - 6 Core

This promo offer is  amazing,
cost effective and  powerful.


Intel Xeon E3-1240v5

3.5Ghz 6-Core


75GB SATA HDD Raid10 Protected

1Gbps Port

Unmetered Bandwidth


Price recurring per month

Yearly Super Server

Pay and forget for a year with plenty of power.


Intel Xeon E5-2670

3.3Ghz Turbo 6 Core



1Gbps Port

Unmetered Bandwidth


Price recurring per year

Dedicated Power

Some serious power.


Intel® C2750

2.4Ghz 8 core




1Gbps Port

Unmetered Bandwidth


Price recurring per month

  • Reliable Hardware

    We have the latest Upgraded Intel Xeon Servers for our Hosting and VPS. To ensure that you can get Fastest Hosting Experience.

  • Almost  0%  Downtime

    Always there is a Chance of 0.0001% Change of Down time. It’s a machine not human.

  • High Performance

    All our servers have 1Gbps ports. We use the latest Xeon CPU's and server technology to give you power on demand.


    We have our Colocation and Servers in Amsterdam(Netherlands) and Dallas(USA).

  • Around the Clock Support

    This is the Most Crucial Part.With GoBizAp you can get the TOP Notch Support around the Clock.


Yes you can. Please always use proxies to be safe from SPAM.

If we get a SPAM alert on one of our IP's we may terminate the VPS.

Yes if you are not happy with anything and wish to terminate the service. Then we will refund in full within 24hrs of activation. If it is on a longer time period then we shall adjust the refund accordingly to amount of days used.

No we do not, the servers are optimized to work with SEO Tools and other running applications. Please contact us if you want to use Email Marketing with your requirements  in case you are looking for one. Using the current server for Email Marketing purpose would end up in a suspension without any kind of refund.

Just raise a support and we will gladly change it free of charge

We have servers in Bufflo in the USA and in the Netherlands. The great thing is no matter where you are there is not really any slow down from using them if you are doin business in the UK or rest of europe choose one that is in the Netherlands and if you are in the USA use the ones in Bufflo.

Thanks we will get back to you soon!