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Learn How To Create A Website | Ferdy Korpershoek

I have 4 announcements to make:
1. I almost hit 15.000 subscribers. Thanks to you! It take quite some efford to make these tutorials because English is not my first language but I really enjoy the process and the result.I hope to become better in this so I can make more tutorials in less time.

2. When I reach the 15.000 subscribers I will release a brand new course. A very detailed course about creating a website with the Enfold Theme. I wil walk through (almost) all the steps and settings of this theme and show you how to create a beautiful website from start to finish. I will give the course for free to the first 100 people that Enroll it.

3. I see that a lot of people start with creating a website but don’t follow along. Somehow they don’t have the momentum to finish what they started. That is why I also want to inspire and encourage people through Instagram. I want to make video’s, post encouraging quaotes and other inspirational stuff.

4. I will work on my English and on my acces so I can be a greater value to you.

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