Learn how to create an eCommerce website from start to finish using WooCommerce for WordPress. In this step by step tutorial I show you all the things you need to know about creating an amazing webshop in WooCommerce. I talk about the different kinds of products, WooCommerce Widgets, Reviews, Categories, Shipping, Taxes, Coupon Codes, Payment methods and much more!

The Enfold theme I use: http://ferdykorpershoek.com/enfold-theme
Enfold Theme Tutorial 2017: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5kTP_6qW6IU

Here is an overview of The Complete WooCommerce Tutorial 2017. How to make an ecommerce website:

Set Up WooCommerce
03:51 Install WooCommerce
04:25 Configure WooCommerce
05:32 Get The Shop Page Into Your Menu
06:30 Set Your WooCommerce Image Standards (sizes)

Create A Simple Product
07:21 Create A Simple Product
08:42 The Short and Long Product Discription
09:53 The Different Kind of Products
10:22 Simple Product General Options (Price, Salesprice, Schedule Sale)
10:45 Inventory Options (SKU, Manage Stock, Sold Individually)
12:42 Linked Products, Upsells and Cross Sells
13:42 Advanced Options (Purchase Notes, Reviews)
14:11 Create WooCommerce Categories and Subcategories
15:17 Add an Product Image (download example products)
17:35 Create a Hover Image (Enfold Option)
18:39 Change the location of the Cart Icon (Enfold Option)

Create A Variable Product
19:55 Create a Variable Product
20:30 Variable Product Attributes (Create Options like Size, Color etc.)
22:02 Create Variations from Attributes
22:40 Edit all different variations individually or with a bulk edit
27:08 Change the price per variation
28:02 Add Product Tags

Create a Digital Product (Virtual Product)
29:01 Create a Digital Product
30:05 Activate the ‘Sold Individually’ Option Buy max. 1 product
31:34 Make a Purchase Note

Create a Grouped Product
32:23 Create a Grouped Product
33:34 Create a Child Product of the Grouped Product
34:43 Group the Child Product with the Parent Product

Create an Virtual and Downloadable Product
36:33 Create an eBook
37:08 Add/upload the Downloadable Product
37:55 Configure the Download Limit and Experiation

Create an Affiliate Product / External Product
39:48 Create an Affiliate Product / External Product
40:29 Enter the affiliate link / Product URL

Create Sidebar Widgets
42:19 Create Sidebar Widgets
42:48 Create and Configure the WooCommerce Cart Wiget
43:34 Create and Configure a Price Filter Widget
44:34 Create and Configure the WooCommerce Product Widget

Configure the Shop Page
45:24 Configure the Shop Page
45:40 Display Options of the Shop Page
45:02 Add Images to the WooCommerce Categories
47:12 Change the Column Count of the Product Catalog (Enfold Option)

Create Coupon Codes
47:41 Create An Coupon Code with 10 percent discount
48:20 Choose the Discount Type, Amount of Discount, and Schedule it
49:05 Congifure the minimum and maximum spend, individual spend only, exclude sale items, products etc. or apply the discount to certain products. Or exlcude certain users for the coupon code.
50:21 Usage limits. How many time can the coupon code be used in total and per user.
51:18 Create a Coupon Code with a discount of 10 dollars
52:18 Create a Coupon Code for a certain product

Configue Shipping Rates
53:48 Download the Easy Table Rate Plugin from JEM Plugins
54:22 Configure the Plugin Settings. Title, Handling Fee, Tax Status, Table Rates.
54:58 Add a shipping zone based on total price
57:24 Add a shipping zone based on total weight
58:30 Add weight to products

Setup WooCommerce Taxes
00:59:59 Setup WooCommerce Taxes
01:01:38 Standard Rates, Country Code, State Code, Zip, City, Rate %, Tax name, Priority, Compounded, Shipping.

01:03:29 Reduced Rates
01:04:17 Assign Rates To Products

WooCommerce Settings
01:05:46 WooCommerce Settings
01:06:06 General Options. Base Location, Selling Locations, Shipping Locations, Enable Taxes, Store Notice, Currency settings.
01:08:02 Products. Weight Unit, Dimensions Unit, Reviews.
01:08:24 Display. Shop Page View, Product Image Sizes, Redirect to cart page after cllcking ‘add to cart’. Columns.
01:09:22 Regenerate Thumbnails
01:09:50 Inventory. Stock Management, Hold Stock, Notifications, Notification Email, Threshold messages, Stock Display Format.
01.11:32 Downloadable Products. Force Download
01:12:04 Checkout Settings. Coupons, Checkout Process, Checkout Pages, Accepting Terms and Condition Page, Checkout Endpoints,
01:13:30 Payment methods.
01:13:57 Paypal Configuration. Paypal Email. Receiver Email. Paypal Identity Token.
01:15: 32 Account Page Settings
01:16:42 Email Settings

The Order Process
01:18:54 The Order Process

Rate a Product
01:21:15 Rate A Product

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