Since 3 years I put my goals in my notes and I make plans on how to achieve them and since I do that I achieve a lot more than before! That is why I want to share some thoughts about goal settings with you, so that you also can achieve more in this life!

I will talk about how you can set goals and give you tips on how to achieve them. I will also do a small workshop and show you how I set goals and how I make plans to achieve them.

Hi guys, my name is Ferdy Korpershoek and in this video I want to talk about setting goals. How can you accomplish more things in life? Maybe one day you want to be rich, strong, healthy, have an amazing job, have a lot of Youtube Subscribers. Having a passive income through the internet and drink a cocktail on the beach at the bahama’s. But if you don’t se goals and make a plan to achieve those goals, the changes are bigger that you don’t get what you want than that you get what you want.

And that was the story of my life until 2014. In the summer 2014 I went to someplace and while I was sitting on an airplane, without internet, I thought, lets do a goal setting workshop. So I did a goal settings workshop divided in three parts. Personal Goals, Financial goals, Economical Goals. What do I want to achieve in my life in these area’s.

The idea was to read the goals out loud every day so that those goals would go to my subconcience, in order that I would subconsiously would go towards my goals. After a while I did not read it out loud anymore, but when I looked back to those goals 2 years later, in 2016, I found out that I reached a lot of those goals! Let my show you some goals, they are in Dutch but I will translate them for you.

A succesful photographer
Online Platform
Travel around the World

High Quality Photography stuff

Economical goals
Earn a certain amount of money every month.
I want to have enough spare time to enjoy life more

And as I said, in the beginning a read it out loud a lot, after a while less. But it became part of my subconciousness so I would go towards those goals automaticly.

So, let me tell you how to set goals for your life. A few steps.

Step 1
Be specific about your goals. Don’t say: I want to be rich. That is not enough. It is not specific. You have to say: ‘I want to save this amount of money on my bank accoun at the 31th of December 2017.’ That is specific. I want to have 30.000 subscribers at the 31th of december 2017. I want to finish my website within 2 weeks, and put the date of the deadline in your goal. That is specific. I want to go from 190 pounds to 175 pounds. So be specific. That is step 1.

Step 2
Make a plan to reach your goals. Write on paper or on your computer how you are going to achieve that goal. And if you have finished the plan, take immediate action. Don’t out away your plan, but take the first step. Start building that action taking musscle!

Step 3
Imagine how great it would be to reach your goal and how terrible it would be not to reach your goal, and fantasise a bit with it. Make the joy of reaching your goal bigger for yourself and the disappointment of not reaching it bigger in your imagination. So if I want to lose weight I think: Wow! How great would it be if everyone would notice how much I lost. They would give me compliments. My wife would be proud of my. I could tell my story about persistence to a lot of people. If I could reach that goal I can reach any goal! Or the negative side if it will not work. My wife would be disappointed in me. I would feel myself bad for not accomplishing my goal. I would be disappointed. etc. Make it big for yourself so those emotions stir you up to act upon your plan and reach your goal!

Step 4
Read your goals out loud every day. What I said before. In that way your goals will go to your subconsciousness. When I drive home from Amsterdam I am thinking about a lot of things, maybe listening to some teaching and the funny thing is that I sometime when I am near home think: How! Am I already almost home? So I drove home with my subconsciousness. I don’t have to think about how to drive. It is in my subconsciousness. So when you get your goals into your subconsiousness you will also automaticly ‘drive’ towards those goals. So it is important to read your goals out loud every day!

Step 5
Share your goal with your best friend or friends. And help them to support you and ask you now and then how you are doing! In that way you have someone else, a good friend, that you want to make proud of you, and he can support you when you have a hard time reaching your goal!

Enjoy and goodluck! Lets create amazing goals and achieve them!